natr Solutions

natr is changing the way we collaborate every day. In business, the health and education sectors; our commitment is to the highest levels of innovation and service. Bringing people closer together through our innovative video conferencing applications.

Business & Financial Sector

Supporting leaders in enterprise;  banking, business, health, government and education. Technology for the largest organisations at the highest levels.

natr is changing the face of business and financial services, empowering employees to collaborate, expanding the borders of business and freeing staff to communicate, no longer tied to their desks. Video Conferencing replaces the walls to enable stronger connectivity, better lifestyles, less travel and the prohibitive cost of airfares.

We are making it easier for business to collaborate, with their teams, customers and their suppliers through video conferencing solutions for business.

The world of finance lives and breathes online. In order to invest, borrow and manage their portfolios, clients expect their financial services firm to be accessible, providing immediate expert consultations and a seamless way to make decisions and manage wealth.

The financial industry is adopting the VidyoWorksTM platform to deliver video-enabled services that cultivate stronger, longer lasting relationships with clients.

Education Sector

Connecting teachers, students and their parents in virtual classrooms via teleconferencing. Communication that supports new levels of collaboration and online learning.

Universities, public and private schools and higher learning institutions are investing in HD video collaboration and on-demand learning solutions to bring students, teachers and outside experts together for richly collaborative educational experiences. natr connects users, including teachers, students and their parents leveraging equipment and networks that schools already have in place – these include conference room systems, desktop computers, and tablets The Vidyo™ platform also takes advantage of inexpensive hardware and total operability to almost any operating device.

Vidyo for Campus-wide Deployment Vidyo for Campus-wide Deployment makes it easier for educators to purchase videoconferencing solutions. A single site license bundles VidyoRouter ™appliances and concurrent use software licenses, the VidyoPortal ™appliance, and VidyoDesktop™ client licenses for desktop and mobile devices. Site licenses are tiered based on the number of enrolled students and affordably priced for any school’s budget.


Mobile video conferencing for tablets and smartphones, as simple as making a phone call

High-quality multipoint video conference recording and webcasting system

Your tablet becomes the ideal second screen in a conference powered by Vidyo™ solutions, putting content collaboration at your fingertips

Health Sector

Hospitals, research centres, medical and outreach centres, virtually connect to their patients, delivering telemedicine and telehealth to remote locations.

Collaborating and supporting the health sector is a major focus of our development team, providing solutions for both private and public hospitals and health care centres throughout Australia. Our innovation partners in Phillips, Med Tech and ihealth are continually developing and creating solutions in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria. Clients include Mater Healthcare in Qld, Health Re-imagined in Far North Queensland, providing video conferencing support and infrastructure solutions in hospital to home and e-ICU platforms in a number of states and territories.