The Power of natr

natr have the infrastructure and the capacity to guarantee optimal video conferencing performance in any state in Australia.

  • Easy to use and affordable business video conferencing
  • Support from highly experienced qualified technicians
  • Secure, encrypted communications – ensuring complete business and customer confidentiality
  • Access via a variety of platforms (iOS, Android, Windows/OSX)
  • Cloud-based services (no hardware required to get started)
  • Scalability – the flexibility to easily and quickly add or remove users as your business grows

What’s the power of natr?

It’s our guarantee of powerful performance and our absolute commitment and expertise to deliver.

Add the power of innovation

Our technology partner Vidyo™, is the world leader in low bandwidth HD quality video communication.

Our Point of Presence gives us the power to deliver.

Data Centres with servers in every state with the infrastructure, technology and the innovation to ensure our video conferencing solution will outperform any other product on the market.