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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing with the power to collaborate anywhere in the world on any device. Connecting and sharing the workforce of the future .


Video conferencing software that adapts and scales, enabling small and large business to collaborate and share. natr, we will take you there.


Every connection will have the power and flexibility to be controlled on any device from anywhere. Power to your teams and deeper connections for your business.


Technology that is highly flexible and can be easily customised for individual enterprise and vertical market video conferencing needs.


Share high-resolution data, via multiple devices including laptop or desktop, PCs or Macs with our unique video conferencing software.


When you choose natr, you work with locally based communications experts that have the knowledge and expertise to add value to your platform investment.

From one to thousands

We can tailor a solution
for your needs

video conferencing designed to scale

Video conferencing Scaled to Fit your Business

natr video conferencing


Supporting leaders in enterprise;  banking, business, health, government and education. Technology for the largest organisations at the highest levels.


Connecting teachers, students and their parents in virtual classrooms via teleconferencing. Communication that supports new levels of collaboration and online learning.

video conferencing solution for Education
The Growing Use of Video Conferencing in Healthcare


Hospitals, research centres, medical and outreach centres, virtually connect to their patients, delivering telemedicine and telehealth to remote locations.